Day 229: Has God rejected His people?

Psalm 106, 123, 137; Romans 11:1-24

Today’s Psalms must be read in the context of history. They were spoken by a people in exile… A people who probably wondered the same question with which Paul opened Romans 11… “Has God rejected His people?”

We know from Psalm 106 that the exiles looked backward in time to gain the answer to this question. As they contrasted Israel’s consistent rebellion with God’s steadfast love and faithfulness, they trusted that God had not rejected them, but rather, planned to restore them!

Paul also looked back through history to prove that God had NOT rejected his people, but, had preserved a remnant of faithful Jews who trusted in Jesus as their Messiah (11:5). But God has now opened the door of the Kingdom to the nations, so that we, Gentiles, have been given a great mercy from God!  We have been grafted into the family of Abraham and enjoy the same covenant promises given to the Patriarchs of the faith!

But Paul warns us that we must not become arrogant (11:18). There is no room for antisemitism among Christians. For if the “natural” branches (Jews) could be cut-off from the root – how much more could the “unnatural” branches (Gentiles) be cut-off (11:21)! Paul exhorts us to persevere in the faith by looking at both the kindness and judgment of God (11:22).

Paul is not teaching that we can lose our salvation. But he is encouraging us to continue in the faith – by running toward God’s kindness and away from his severity.

So consider the context of history if you are ever tempted to believe that God has rejected you. We, as objects of God’s mercy, must look backward to the saving work of Christ – and forward to the fulfillment of all of God’s Redemptive History – where the full number of Israel and the Nations will stand together in the enduring fellowship of the glory of our King!