Day 118: The odious heart

2 Samuel 13-14; Luke 20:1-26

We are seeing Nathan’s prophesy of division within David’s house unfold in today’s reading from 2nd Samuel. What strikes me as most odious from these chapters is not the incest, rape and murder… And those things are odious! But it is David’s gross lack of judgment.

  • A wise father should have known better than to send Tamar to her half-brother’s house.
  • A just leader should have punished the eldest son’s crimes of rape and incest instead of showing favoritism by doing nothing.
  • And the King of Israel should have either executed or pardoned Absalom for murder. David’s half-hearted treatment of Absalom allows the ugliness to fester… as we’ll see in tomorrow’s reading.

David’s spiritual apathy is disheartening. Especially considering how closely he walked with God in his wilderness days. This description of David’s family combined with Jesus’ teaching from Luke 20… well, they remind me that the human heart is desperate and needs rescuing  Whether we are actively rebellious or just apathetically indifferent toward God – both are despicable. And both require a Savior. Jesus has opened the door to mercy – but only the penitent may enter.

O God, help me to be humbly reliant upon your grace – and show mercy to this sinful heart.

3 thoughts on “Day 118: The odious heart

  1. It’s amazing to read this book from a different age and circumstance (meaning: mother w/ children), and the totally different impact that it has on you. I haven’t read this part in many years, and but for you, it might have been many more. I am really struggling with this part and trying to pray for mercy, but that, too, is hard. As the saying goes, “Do it anyway” when the tough things to read (and do) are present, so thank you for gently carrying us through this. Janis


    • You bring up a great point. It’s tough to act on God’s truth when it’s hard (or doesn’t seem to make sense in the moment). Thanks for the encouragement and your determination to “do it anyway” :)


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